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I share rich, visual stories and experiences that highlight what makes a destination worth visiting.

Travel is the best way to experience the diversity of our world, and to gain an understanding of its many communities and environments. When I visit a place, I discover more than what’s on the surface. I explore the history and the people; I seek the details that make a destination unique.

As a parent with a full-time job, I understand that full-time travel isn’t possible for everyone. I speak for and to the readers that seek adventure as it fits into their schedules, to find the best destinations and experiences for the time they do have. And having transitioned from a travel mentality of carefree spontaneity to one that now includes two young children, I aim to show families that travel with kids doesn’t have to revolve around only the kids.

My professional background has taught me how to determine needs, identify community-specific strengths, and tell a story that is highly relevant and appealing to audiences. I seek partnerships with places, publications, or agencies that have (or need!) a story to tell. I’m not an “influencer,” and I don’t spend my time navigating the rollercoaster of algorithms on social media. Instead, I direct my energy and focus to helping you share your story by providing high-quality, original content for use on various platforms and marketing channels

Freelance content creation
FAM trips, press coverage, advertising & marketing campaigns

Destination Focused

the unique story of a place that piques the curiosity of the reader and includes history, current trends, or people in the community

High Quality Visual & Written Content

that showcase the destination, illustrate authentic experiences, and can be used for websites, newsletters, and print or social media campaigns

Experience Driven

a first-hand account that inspires readers to insert themselves into the experience and includes guides, lists, and/or itineraries

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Press campaign for Edgar Evins State Park

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